Life on the Kings Wood estate

An estate in Corby

By Lorraine Dziarkowska

Play Areas
The Kings Wood estate has a large green space in the centre. My children were born in 1990 and '93 and I was impressed by the amount of apparatus and space avialbe for them on the estate at that time.

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Photo:play areas

play areas

Lorraine Dziarkowska

Photo:Footballers on the 'Field of Dreams'

Footballers on the 'Field of Dreams'

L. Dziarkowska

Photo:Saxilby Play Centre

Saxilby Play Centre

L. Dziarkowska

Photo:Pudi's shop 1990. This shop is still going 2010 and Pudi is still in charge

Pudi's shop 1990. This shop is still going 2010 and Pudi is still in charge

Lorraine Dziarkowska

Photo:I can see you from here

I can see you from here

L. Dziarkowska

this shows the area that has been flattened for re-development

This page was added by Lorraine Dziarkowska on 28/07/2010.
Comments about this page

Hi, I lived on this estate for over two decades, I am very interested if there any other photos of life on this estate.

By Lorraine Dziarkowska
On 09/05/2011

WOW!! Scrolling through the map there shows how much has been demolished eh! Have'nt been back2 Corby for about 15 years or so! Got brought up from age of 6-17 in houses+flat on Culross Walk(flat) Northbrook and final house was on Grantham walk...loved it in Corby and especially on the Kingswood Estate, attending all 3 of their shools throughout my youth days! Its a shame 2 see how much things are changing in Corby lol.

By Ricky Strike
On 16/04/2015


I was just wondering the name of the poet that wrote the poem at the top of this page - 'People of Corby'. It's brilliant by the way.

By Jay Emery
On 25/02/2017

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