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This page was added by Michael Mahon on 13/01/2013.
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I am looking for a Corby new town booklet 1954/55 I think it may be the tenants booklet? The front of this booklet has a picture of a small boy pushing a pram in maxwell walk. Any ideas??? The boy is my elder brother and I am desperately trying to track a copy of it down for his 60 th birthday. Any advice would be grateful Louise

By Louise
On 17/02/2013

I have been researching my family history on my mothers side.My grandmother was Alice Meadows nee Waterfield and she married George Thomas Meadows on the 10th March 1906.Their eldest son was George William Edward,and he was drowned in the clay pit on the 7th July 1914.I have tried to locate his grave but so far drawn a blank. No record seems to exist for the burial in the parish churchyard or the Rockingham Road cemetery. Just wondered if any of your users could help. Also any information on the Meadows or Waterfield familys would be appreciated.Thanks Geoff.

By Geoff Wright
On 23/10/2015

HI I'm trying to find out why there is a filter lane to turn right on the A43 coming from Stanion / Kettering at the Geddington road lights, there is no road to the right (Straight on from Geddington Road / Hotel) there is a layby with a thicket of trees behind it and when you look it up on Google maps satalite it shows that there are simply normal looking farmers fields on the the other side of the trees, there is a quarry further back across the fields but there are other access roads to it so it remains a mystery to me why a filter lane and signage has been built for a turning that in my 30+ years in Corby has never been there. If anybody can remember there being something at this location then could you please let me know what it was? Thanks!

By Jason Walkiden
On 01/02/2016

Hi i am trying to find out the history of Nelson Road, ive looked on all the search engines and i cant find out anything, so if anyone knows the history of nelson road corby, before the houses were built... i.e what the land was used for before the houses were built, i would be very gratefull,  so thanks in advance......  Pauline

By pauline tew
On 26/02/2016

In answer to Geoff Wright question above about George William Edward. My farther told me that when the road outside the parish church (Oakley Road) was first built and then subsequently widened that a lot of grave where swept away.

His farther was approached to see if he wanted to pay for the graves of his family to be removed and be placed in the Rockingham Road cemetery,  which he declined.

Paul Incles

By Paul Incles
On 27/04/2016

For Pauline Tew  questions above - If you look at the "Aerial Photos" on this site you can see the fields where Nelson Road was later built.

Thoroughsale Wood photo is the one that show the details.

Paul Incles

Corby,Thoroughsale Wood

By Paul Incles
On 27/04/2016

To Geoff Wright

George Meadows was buried in the Rockingham Road Cemetery.  You can find an account of the accident, inquest and burial in the Kettering Leader, 10th & 17th July 1914 at the Corby Library. As to why there is no record of the burial, it was probably an oversight. Hope this helps

By Yvonne Brain
On 29/04/2016

Just to say thanks to those who replied to my question as to the burial of George William Edward Meadows. I am inclined to agree with Yvonne Brain that it was probably an oversight due to the  1st world war which was about to start.Thanks,Geoff Wright.

By Geoff Wright
On 27/09/2016

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