Fifty Years Ago

A Memory of Corby

By Nathan Davis

My connection with Corby is a very tenuous one, and is due entirely to the strong, sunny personality of one if it's inhabitants. I was thirteen years old at the time, and living in Boise, Idaho in the States, in a duplex apartment with my father. Next door to us was a newly married couple, and one day the parents of the young lady came to visit, all the way from England. I have little memory of the father, but the mother was a vivacious, freckle-faced lady of middle age. She told me their name was Sneddon, and they lived on Occupation Road. Over the next week or so of their visit, I had many conversations with them; mostly with the Mrs., whose name, I think, was Mae. She painted a vivid picture of their hometown and life in Northants, and left an indelible impression; what seemed to be a kind of permanent bond with me. I remember writing a couple of times and receiving kind replies, but soon the correspondence broke off. That was some fifty years ago, but the memory of this delightful lady and her talks about Corby have remained with me all my life. I would be most interested to hear from any descendants, acquaintances, or relatives who share a memory of the Sneddons.

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Hi I am a friend of Peter Sneddon who still lives in his parents house with his wife Jill.

They too are lovely people.

By Carol Marshall
On 18/01/2016

Hi Nathan

it's quite amazing to read your reminiscences about Mae Sneddon & it's only through friends of ours in Corby who saw your post & forwarded us the page that we're now able to respond. Mae & Peter lived in the house on Occupation Road until they died - 3 months apart, in 1991. The house was left to their daughter Janette - who lived next door to you as a newly wed, and their son Peter - my husband. Old family friends rented the house until they had to move into an old age home at the beginning of 2011. Peter & I were visiting Corby at the time from South Africa where we'd been living for 40yrs. In conference with Janette who now lives in Denver Colorado, we decided to do the house up & live in it. We still go to South Africa for a while each year - mainly to escape the worst of an English winter! but it's great for Peter to be back in his home town. The town itself has changed a lot since Mae's day with more Eastern Europeans than Scots but it's still a vibrant place with a lot of light industrial development & a lot more housing. The fact that the railway station reopened a few years ago & it's only an hour's journey to London St Pancras makes it an ideal place to commute from. We've forwarded your post to Janette & Jim who will also be responding soon. Hopefully you will see our reply & will get in touch via our email address. Jill & Peter Sneddon

By Jill Sneddon
On 26/02/2016

I am the neighbor and daughter of May Sneddon, my Mother, from Corby.  Your memory is very good.  Yes, we do remember you and your father.  My Mother often spoke of you and you both spending many hours together. She has since passed away. Are you still in Boise? In Idaho?  Is you Father still living?  We now live in Aurora, Colorado.  Thank your for your interest in my hometown Corby, and remembering my Mother.   You are welcome to contact us by our email.   

By Janette Hickman (Sneddon)
On 26/02/2016

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