Corby New Town

Corby New Town being built

By Marian Anderson

In 1949, Parliament identified that Corby needed rapid expansion to cope with the influx of people who came to work in the burgeoning steel industry. It was decided that to fulfil the housing, recreational, educational and shopping needs of the workers, a site of approximately 2500 acres would be needed to accommodate a target population of 40,000. Subsequently, on 1st April 1950 Corby was designated as a 'New Town' by the Commission for the New Towns.

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Are you one of the families who moved to Corby for work? Or are you an original Corby village resident? How did the changes feel?

Photo:Corby, Oakley Road, Corby

Corby, Oakley Road, Corby

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Photo:Corby,Corby New Town housing

Corby,Corby New Town housing

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Photo:Corby,St Patrick's Church, Morland Road, Corby

Corby,St Patrick's Church, Morland Road, Corby

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Photo:Corby,  Looking over Beanfield to Thoroughsale Woods

Corby, Looking over Beanfield to Thoroughsale Woods

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Photo:Corby, Newark Drive Pylon in distance, Corby

Corby, Newark Drive Pylon in distance, Corby

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Photo:Corby,Cottingham Road, Corby

Corby,Cottingham Road, Corby

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Photo:Corby, Excavations for Corby Boating Lake

Corby, Excavations for Corby Boating Lake

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Photo:Corby, Park Lodge, Corby

Corby, Park Lodge, Corby

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Comments about this page

Picture # 2 any idea where this is . Paddi Mullan

By paddi Mullan
On 11/10/2013

these pictures are brilliant.

By Matthew Flowers
On 17/10/2013

Is the bottom picture not maybe the big house at the bottom of Willowbrook road almost across from the Doctors Surgery?

By stevie rigsby
On 22/10/2013

Picture #2. Murray Walk on the left, houses on Millais Road facing, Cardigan house in the distance. Looks like just commenced building St. Patricks

By Ken O'Meara
On 03/01/2014

Pictures #4&5 made my heart skip a beat. We moved to Corby in 1957 and lived at 1Greenhill Rise. It had just been built and we had views across Beanfield to the Thoroughsale woods. The bus turned around here back then and headed back into town. The electric pylon in #5 was in our back yard at 110 Newark Drive after we moved in around 1962. My father taught at Beanfield school. I had my first job as a paperboy at Greens on Greenholl rise and then moved to Forbouys when they opened. Dr DeChoisy was our local GP. The boating lake had not been thought about yet and town was just one street with the police station at one end across from the co-op and before they built the civic center and library at the other. The family eventually moved to Lincoln Estate about the time I was leaving Corby in 1966. I attended Hazel Leys Junior School and after a stint in N Yorkshire attended Corby Grammar with their awful light grey uniforms!

What a bunch of memories. The sounds, smells and scenes of the steelworks. The dragline we could see a few fields away out of the dining room window at Lincoln Way. I only lived in Corby for about 6 years but it still holds a very prominent place in my memory.

By Philip Rowell
On 18/01/2017

i was born in corby in 1959 mr Rowell I'm sure was my r.e teacher what a wonderful man , I lived on Gainsborough road from 1959 till 1985 when I got married I still live in Corby and have just sold the house I was born in as sadly my dad passed away early this year. End of an era 


By Phil jones
On 07/02/2017

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